The Hotel Room

I fucked Shelly for the first time in a hotel room because Veronica was at my place. It was as good as I thought it would be and that girl didn't say no to anything! The next day I set up a camera while Shelly was sleeping because she said her friends were coming by to pick her up. I thought it'd be a good opportunity for a flash. I slept with one eye open because I was anticipating their arrival and Shelly was sitting in bed watching TV. When they got there, to my surprise, Shelly pulled back the blanket and gave them a clear view of my dick. I heard them giggling and I knew they were staring. It was Maya and Megan. Megan was a cute girl with beautiful tits who I admired from afar. The day was already a success, but I got up and walked around just to give them a better look.