Samara & Shelly Answers Kays Sex Survey

Kay and I love doing the sex surveys but there are times when they get a little boring.  We both know that it's rare, in that type of setting especially, for a girl to do wild and sexual things to a guy she has just met.  So, we were thinking of a way to spice things up and keep the survey genuine at the same time. Kay had the idea of getting a girl we already knew to do the survey. I tried to think of the wildest dick-loving girl I knew and Samara immediately came to mind. Even though she was married. When I found out Shelly was in town I thought how much better it would be with two girls - Shelly and Samara.  There was no way two wild down-for-anything girls like them would produce anything tame. The next task was finding the male models to benefit from these two cock hungry ladies. I didn't want to use myself since they knew me. My first choice was Jason, a guy who had begged me to be a model since I told him about what Kay does. We was my former supervisor and a self-professed exhibitionist. When I told him I was using him he could barely contain his joy. He called me everyday to make sure it would still happen.  He couldn't wait for it to happen and neither could I. Since I couldn't sit in on it I hadto wait for Kay to edit it so I could watch it. I met with Samara and Shelly beforehand to tell them what to expect and coach them on how wild to be - as if they needed coaching. When I saw that they were wearing matching school girl outfits, I knew it was going to be good stuff. I sneaked over to Kay's place to listen but secretly I wished I was involved.  Jason was happy he was involved - that's one thing I am sure of especially once those four hands started examining him.

The second guy I chose to be a male model was my buddy Bill. Bill is probably the only guy I know who loves being naked in front of women as much as I do, but he's always nervous when there is the opportunity for it.  So, I decided to help hime out and I made him promise that he wouldn't wimp out. And he didn't. He showed up commando with a boner. It's so funny when I watched the footage of this - he is loving every minute of it and you can see it on his face.  Plus, he's got a thing for black chicks so I knew he would love having Samara's hands all over him.  I think he was hard during the whole thing. He had a great time and the ladies enjoyed him too. That's what CFNM is all about!