Veronica's Photo Shoot

Veronica did not have a real job so when Kay asked her to do a photo shoot for some money, I convinced her to do it. I really wanted to be there during the shoot because I knew there would be nude shots and I was dying to see Veronica naked. So I talked to Kay and asked her to let me be the male model for the shoot. She said yes and I was more than excited. I took Veronica to the shoot and Kay pretended to need a male model, since the one she scheduled canceled upexpectedly. At least that was the story. I asked Veronica if she would have a problem posing with me. She smiled and said it was OK. My heart was beating a mile a minute as Veronica started taking off her clothes. I tried not to stare at her when she was completely nude, but I couldn't help myself. She had a beautiful tan body and a great ass and such perky tits. I stripped down and watched Veronica's eyes go straight to my cock and a huge smile go over her face. I was about to have some serious fun. Kay put us in a bunch of sexual poses. I got to stand behind her with my dick pressed firmly against her ass and hold and squeeze her tits. I stood in front of her and she covered my penis with her hand. I heard her giggle and I knew we were both enjoying ourselves. There was a lot of touching and caressing and I could see by the way she looked at me that we both wanted something to happen. I did not want the day to end, but I would never forget it.